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Rare Earth Acetates

Rare earth acetate can be used in the production and processing of compound intermediates, optical glass, chemical reagents and magnetic materials to improve product performance. Rare earth acetate is a salt with rare earth metal ions as cations (Tb3+, Er3+, Ce3+, Sm3+, Lu3+, Gd3+, Yb3+, Y3+ and Dy3+, etc.) and acetic acid and ions as anions. Rare earth acetate can be used as an additive for high-efficiency catalysts or chemical reagents, and can be widely used in fields such as ceramics and electronic materials. Alfa Chemistry can provide rare earth acetate powder, rare earth acetic acid hydrate and rare earth acetic acid solution, including various purities and concentrations, and can also support different specifications of packaging. We can also propose product customization schemes according to customers' uses, such as special functions for improving performance (such as wear resistance, optical properties and electrical properties) to meet customer needs.

Rare Earth Acetates

What can we offer

Alfa Chemistry is a professional supplier of rare earth products, aiming to serve customers around the world. The related products that can be provided include but are not limited to:

Professional quality control platform, control quality

Alfa Chemistry has a precise quality control platform, full tracking, unified testing standards, and strictly controls the quality of rare earth acetic acid series products. Through the standardized and streamlined synthesis process, we can carry out professional management and control, so that the synthesized products comply with industry norms. Our platform is dedicated to efficient diagnosis and management, and supports customized services for customers to meet a wide range of application needs.

Wide application

  • Synthesis of rare earth compound intermediates
  • Preparation of catalyst
  • preparation of optical glass
  • Ceramic capacitor additives
  • Participate in the synthesis of magnetic materials
  • synthetic chemical reagents
  • Alloy material additives
  • Manufacturing phosphor
  • Electronic ceramics
  • Chemical reagent

Rare earth acetates have broad applicationsFigure 2. Rare earth acetates have broad applications

Why choose us?

As a supplier of a wide range of rare earth related products, Alfa Chemistry uses a professional quality control platform and is equipped with experienced researchers to help customers:

  • High-quality rare earth acetate products that meet industry standards
  • Accurate quality analysis
  • Efficient customized products

Product customization

Alfa Chemistry has a professional team with many years of experience in the field of rare earth materials, adheres to customer-centricity, and meets and exceeds customer needs with high-quality core competitiveness. We can provide a series of high-quality rare earth acetate products, if the product you want is not in our list, please contact us immediately for custom synthesis.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.