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Rare Earth Arsenate

Rare earth arsenide is a salt composed of rare earth metal ions (Gd3+, Sm3+, Dy3+, Lu3+, Ho3+, La3+, Y3+ and Tm3+, etc.) as cations and arsenate ions as anions. Usually, the synthesized rare earth arsenate is obtained by reacting sodium arsenite and rare earth ions under acidic conditions. During the reaction, the factors that need to be considered are the ratio of reactants, pH value, temperature and heating method. Alfa Chemistry insists on meeting and exceeding customer needs with high-quality services, and can provide high-quality rare earth arsenate. We can provide professional customized services, support the customization of various purity and concentration products, and can also carry out precision packaging of different specifications.

Rare Earth Arsenate

What can we offer

Alfa Chemistry has a strict quality control platform, equipped with experienced researchers, who can accurately control the quality of products. The related products of rare earth arsenate that we can provide include but not limited to:


We can pack rare earth arsenides according to the needs of customers.

Custom process

Alfa Chemistry can customize high-quality rare earth arsenate according to customer needs. The needs are different, and the customized solutions and cycles provided are different, which requires professional customized services for customers. Our customized product process is as follows:

  • Provide design requirements: Our sales staff will communicate with customers
  • Estimated development time and quotation: Our researchers nderstand customer needs, give development time and quotation
  • Contract signing: We confirm the quotation and sign the contract
  • Submit the solution: We confirm the customized solution, confirm the specification and concentration
  • Modify and improve: We adjust and improve the solution, communicate with customers, and reach an agreement
  • Development and customization: On the basis of confirming the solution, customize the customer's customized products
  • Customization completed: We complete customization and pack according to customer needs
  • Mailing products: Mailing and issuing a certificate of conformity
  • Follow-up service: Support re-examination

Efficient customized services to meet customers' needs for time, budget and qualityFigure 2. Efficient customized services to meet customers' needs for time, budget and quality

About us

Our technical team is composed of experienced engineers, professional academic staff and advanced equipment, constantly developing new and high-efficiency rare earth arsenates to meet customer needs in an efficient and fast manner.

Product customization

Alfa Chemistry has a professional technical team and is capable of providing customers with rare earth arsenides of multiple purity and specifications to meet customer needs. Our researchers have many years of experience and a deep knowledge background, and can efficiently design customized solutions and customization according to the needs of customers. If the product you want is not in our list, please contact us immediately for product customization.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.