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Rare Earth Carbonate

Rare earth carbonate is composed of rare earth ions and carbonate ions, and its general formula is RE2(CO3)3. There is usually crystal water, the number is: 5, 6, 8 or 10. The commonly used preparation method is as follows: Add ammonium carbonate, ammonium bicarbonate or soluble carbonate to the soluble rare earth salt solution to prepare water and rare earth carbonate. The reaction formula is as follows: 2RE3++nH2O+3CO32- =RE2(CO3)3•nH2O. The obtained precipitate is normal carbonate. With the increase of the atomic number and the increase of the precipitation temperature, the tendency to form basic salt also increases, and the rare earth carbonate obtained by the obtained precipitation is mostly a very fine colloid. Rare earth carbonates have little solubility in water, and their solubility will increase significantly in alkali metal or ammonium carbonate solutions.

Rare Earth Carbonate

What can we offer

Alfa Chemistry has a professional research team with many years of experience in the field of synthesis and customization of rare earth compounds. We have a scientific and complete quality control system, focusing on providing a comprehensive range of rare earth compounds to customers around the world. The rare earth carbonate products we can provide include:

The properties

  • Solubility: The solubility of rare earth carbonate in water is roughly 10-7-10-5 mol/L. The solubility of rare earth carbonates in carbonate solutions of alkali metals (Li, Na and K, etc.) or ammonium (NH4+) will increase significantly because of the formation of carbonate double salts.
  • Reaction with acid: Rare earth carbonate reacts with acid to generate corresponding salt and carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Thermal stability: Rare earth hydrochloride is easy to decompose, and it can be one of the common methods for preparing rare earth oxides. (RE2O(CO3)2 is generated at 320-350 ℃, decomposed into RE2O2CO3 at 800-905 ℃ and finally RE2(CO3)3 is generated.

Custom range and capabilities

Our researchers support the synthesis and customization of a wide range of rare earth carbonate products. During the synthesis process, our engineers will strictly control the schedule and process, and optimize the system to ensure the completion of the project on schedule and save the customer's time, budget and energy to the greatest extent.

Product customization

Alfa Chemistry insists on high-quality service as its advantage, and will provide customers with efficient solutions. Our rare earth research team is on hand to assist customers and provide reliable support. We can provide related products in the list, if the product the customer wants is not in the list, please contact us immediately for customization.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.