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Rare Earth Compounds

Rare earth compound products include various compounds containing rare earth elements, which can be widely used in optical glass, ceramics, medical treatment, electronic industry and chemical products. Alfa Chemistry classifies compounds containing rare earth elements that are not convenient to classify as rare earth compounds. We have professional staff, many years of research experience in the field of rare earth compounds, and an advanced quality control platform, which can provide customers with high-quality rare earth compounds to meet customer needs.

Rare Earth Compounds

Why choose us?

Alfa Chemistry has a scientific and complete quality control system, focusing on providing global customers with a complete range of rare earth compounds. The related products we can provide include:

Synthetic strength

Alfa Chemistry has advanced laboratories, including synthesis laboratories and pilot laboratories, and has a group of experienced technicians and engineers with strong technical force, which can complete precise custom synthesis and scale-up production. We provide efficient synthetic routes and will complete customer orders on time, optimize the service process, have a strong technical reserve and core competitiveness.

Custom process

Alfa Chemistry provides efficient customization of rare earth compounds, and its process includes order consultation, quotation, contract signing, R&D and design, sample production, testing and evaluation, mass production, product submission and mailing of products. We have a strict quality control platform, precisely control quality, support precise testing, can issue relevant certificates of qualification, and insist on meeting and exceeding customer needs.

Professional quality control platform, providing high-quality product customization servicesFigure 2. Professional quality control platform, providing high-quality product customization services


  • High purity, multiple specifications
  • Wide variety of rare earth compounds
  • Sophisticated quality assessment to ensure minimal batch-to-batch variation
  • Premium packaging services

Wide application

Rare earth compounds can be widely used in the fields of electronics industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, machining, optoelectronic materials and energy, and can be used in the synthesis of the following materials:

  • Hydrogen storage material
  • Catalyst
  • Fine ceramic materials
  • Superconducting material
  • Fluorescent material
  • Magnetic material

Confidentiality agreement

We are willing to work closely with customers around the world to develop and produce new rare earth compounds, and we are willing to serve wholeheartedly. If the customer needs it, we will sign a confidentiality contract and strictly guard the customer's information.

Product customization

Alfa Chemistry provides professional rare earth compound customization services, efficient quality control platform and experienced staff, capable of providing customers with advanced customization services. If the product you want is not in our list, please contact us immediately for customization.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.