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Rare Earth Hydroxide

Rare earth hydroxides (RE(OH)3) are composed of rare earth metal ions (La3+, Ce3+, Ho3+, Tb3+, Dy3+, Er3+, Pr3+, Nd3+, Gd3+, Eu3+, Yb3+, Lu3+, Y3+, Sc3+ and Sm3+) and hydroxide and ions (OH-) of. Rare earth hydroxide is a colloidal precipitate, which is unstable when heated. If the temperature is higher than 200 °C, it will undergo dehydration reaction to generate REO(OH), and if the temperature is higher, it will generate RE2O3. Rare earth hydroxides are usually obtained by adding ammonia or alkali metal hydroxides to a rare earth salt solution. Affected by the contraction of lanthanides, the lowest pH value at which the precipitation of different rare earth elements starts is different. Rare earth hydroxides are insoluble in water and alkali, and their solubility in water is very small (10-6mol/L). Rare earth hydroxides are easily soluble in inorganic acids to form corresponding salts. Rare earth hydroxides are one of the important raw materials for the synthesis of other rare earth compounds or intermediates.

Rare Earth Hydroxide

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Alfa Chemistry researchers have many years of experience in the field of rare earth compound research, focusing on providing high-quality rare earth compounds, and can provide the following rare earth hydroxides:


Rare earth hydroxides are easily soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. Rare earth hydroxides generate insoluble rare earth fluoride precipitates in hydrofluoric acid. Rare earth hydroxides have certain solubility in concentrated sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Rare earth hydroxides are more soluble in carbonate (or ammonium carbonate) solutions, and scandium hydroxides are more soluble. Rare earth hydroxides can easily absorb carbon dioxide in the air, among which terbium hydroxide has the strongest absorption capacity.

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Alfa Chemistry has rich experience in the management of rare earth compounds, and can provide professional compound management services to global customers and support the synthesis of various rare earth compounds. If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately.

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