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Rare Earth Iodide

Rare Earth Iodide

Rare earth iodides are composed of rare earth elements (La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Y and Sc) and iodine (I) compound. Generally, the stable valence state of rare earth ions is +3 valence state, and in the iodides of Sm, Eu, and Yb, the stable state of rare earth ions is +2 valence state. Rare earth iodides are usually prepared by the direct combination of rare earth metals and iodine, and can also be obtained by the reaction of rare earth metals and mercury iodide. Rare earth iodides are important luminescent materials for metal halides and the like. Rare earth iodide is an important application in the field of scintillation materials. Ce3+-doped LuI3, YI3, GdI3 and Eu2+-doped SrI2 crystals are scintillation crystal materials with interesting properties. Rare earth iodides are also commonly used in catalysis and synthesis.

Rare Earth Iodide

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Most rare earth iodides have high vapor pressures and can be purified by vacuum uplift. Rare earth iodides are easy to absorb moisture and form crystalline hydrates after absorbing moisture. The number of crystalline waters is 6-10. Rare earth iodides are prone to hydrolysis when heated, and rare earth iodide oxides can be obtained by vacuum dehydrating the crystalline hydrates of rare earth iodides, but it is difficult to directly obtain anhydrous rare earth iodides.

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Alfa Chemistry has a professional technical team that can provide customized services for professional rare earth compounds. The process is as follows: communication, quotation, signing for Heyong, starting a custom synthesis project, completing customization, submitting goods and mailing. The qualified certificate and test report are sent together with the drug, and the customer's re-inspection is supported.

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  • R&D team: The research team with many years of synthesis experience, equipped with advanced instruments, providing efficient synthesis customization services.
  • Cooperation team: We have established a good cooperative relationship with the world's leading teams to meet the needs of diversified custom synthesis.

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Alfa Chemistry has an experienced R&D team, supports reliable data characterization, and has professional raw materials to ensure timeliness and high purity requirements. At the same time, we can also sign a confidentiality agreement to meet the needs of customers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately.

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