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Rare Earth Nickel Oxide

Rare Earth Nickel Oxide

As sputtering thin film materials, high-purity rare earth metals and alloy targets have become the key core materials for many rare earth functional materials and their devices. Widely used in high-tech fields such as integrated circuits, new displays, and mobile communications. Lanthanum nickel oxide (LaNiO3) can be synthesized by a solid-state reaction method and has excellent photocatalytic properties. The structure of lanthanum nickel oxide can be characterized by conventional means. Lanthanum nickel oxide is a typical high-efficiency catalyst for the degradation of reactive dyes, and its performance can be improved by chemical modification.

Rare Earth Nickel Oxide

What can we offer

Alfa Chemistry has an experienced team that has been engaged in the research of rare earth materials for a long time to apply to a wide range of needs. The related products we can provide include:

Compound management

  • Ability to customize services
  • Professional packaging products
  • Optimized customization process
  • Efficient management system

About evaporation material

The evaporation material refers to the evaporation of solid materials under vacuum conditions, and the evaporated atoms or molecules can be evenly distributed on the container wall to form a thin film. Vacuum coating includes evaporation and sputtering. For the selection of evaporation materials, it is necessary to have good stability, high melting point and high surface tension, which makes it easy to form thin films.

Our capabilities

Alfa Chemistry has an advanced team that can support the synthesis and customization of various materials, and has the ability to provide customers with efficient and accurate services. Our researchers were able to synthesize multi-purity lanthanum nickel oxide, which can be used as an efficient evaporation material. Lanthanum Nickel Oxide supplied by Alfa Chemistry can undergo strict quality testing, and a certificate of conformity for the material can be provided.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.