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Rare Earth Organometallics

Rare Earth Organometallics

Rare earth metal organic compounds use rare earth ions as cations (Ce3+, Y3+, La3+, Nd3+, Gd3+, Tm3+, Tb3+, Sc3+ and Yb3+) and organic acid ions as anions. Alfa Chemistry is a professional supplier of rare earth compounds. It can provide conventional products and also support product customization, serving customers with efficient and accurate products. With an experienced team, with advanced equipment and efficient quality control system, we insist on meeting customers' needs with high-quality services. We can provide related salts in the form of powder and solution.

Rare Earth Organometallics

What can we offer

Alfa Chemistry can provide professional rare earth compounds, the related products we can provide include:

About us

Alfa Chemistry provides custom synthesis services for various rare earth compounds and intermediates. Through the synthesis of rare earth compounds, it can support the production of small or large quantities of products. We have successfully completed a large number of synthetic customizations on time, involving separation, purification, detection and optimization services

Synthetic strength

Alfa Chemistry has an advanced laboratory with a group of experienced and strong technical staff and engineers who can complete precise custom synthesis and scale-up production. Our researchers focus on efficient synthetic routes and are capable of providing customers with high-quality rare earth compounds. We can optimize the service process and complete customer orders on time. Alfa Chemistry provides custom synthesis services, providing customers with customized services for various levels of rare earth compounds at competitive prices. We are able to process efficiently and communicate in a timely manner.

Custom process

  • Customer consultation: Customers put forward project requirements
  • Project evaluation: Conduct internal evaluation based on relevant literature support, synthesis difficulty, raw material cost accounting, etc.
  • Solution: Evaluate and discuss the synthetic route and determine the solution
  • Signing contract: Nondisclosure agreements and contracts
  • Project implementation: Purchasing raw materials and related synthesis, and keeping close contact with customers
  • Project completion: Delivery of products and submission of certificate of conformity

We have a professional team that supports customized services to meet customer needsFigure 2. We have a professional team that supports customized services to meet customer needs

Product customization

Alfa Chemistry insists on providing customers with high-quality rare earth organometallics, which can support the research and development of various materials. If the product you want is not in our list, you can contact us for customized service. If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.