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Rare Earth Oxalate

Rare Earth Oxalate

Add oxalic acid or sodium oxalate to the rare earth salt solution and adjust the appropriate pH to obtain precipitated hydrated rare earth oxalate. The solubility of rare earth oxalate in aqueous solution is small, and the solubility in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid decreases as the acidity decreases. Under the same acidity condition, the solubility of rare earth oxalates increases with the increase of atomic number, and in general, the solubility of heavy rare earths is higher than that of light rare earths.

Rare Earth Oxalate

What can we offer

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Structural modification and expansion of rare earth compounds

Based on the professionalism of the R&D team, on the basis of fixing rare earth cations, the types of anions can be expanded, and anions can also be fixed to expand the types of rare earth ions. Starting from molecular diversity and similarity, the structure of rare earth compounds can be optimized and transformed by introducing group modification or functional group replacement. We insist on providing customers with a wide variety of rare earth compounds with high functional efficiency, and insist on fully meeting the needs of customers.

Common synthesis methods

The common way to synthesize rare earth oxalate is to mix the rare earth salt with oxalic acid solution to obtain the precipitation of hydrated oxalate, and to obtain high-purity rare earth oxalate after further treatment. The synthesis equation is as follows:

RE3+ + 3H2C2O4 + nH2O = RE2(C2O4)3•nH2O↓ + 6H+ (n=6,7,9,10,11)


  • When the hydrated rare earth oxalate is heated, the crystal water will be removed first, and the anhydrous rare earth oxalate can be quickly decomposed into oxides at 400 ℃. Only lanthanum oxalate will have basic carbonate during the heating process.
  • When using rare earth oxalates to prepare rare earth oxides, in order to avoid the formation of other intermediate products, the temperature needs to be controlled above 800 ℃.

Product customization

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