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Rare Earth Perchlorate

Rare Earth Perchlorate

Rare earth perchlorates can be prepared by the reaction of rare earth oxides and perchloric acid, usually containing crystal water, and its molecular formula is RE(ClO4)3·nH2O, n=2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The amount of bound water is related to the type of element. When n=9, the relevant rare earth perchlorate is Sm(ClO4)3•9H2O and Sm(ClO4)3•9H2O; when n=8, the rare earth perchlorate The salt is La(ClO4)3•8H2O, Ce(ClO4)3•8H2O, Pr(ClO4)3•8H2O, Nd(ClO4)3•8H2O, Y(ClO4)3•8H2O; when n=6, the rare earth The chlorates are Tb(ClO4)3•6H2O and Er(ClO4)3•6H2O. Rare earth perchlorates are widely used in the field of biological research because the chlorate ions contained therein can form functional complexes with various ligands.

Rare Earth Perchlorate

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Structure and properties

The structure of rare earth perchlorate is RE(ClO4)3·nH2O, n=2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The coordination polyhedron of rare earth ions is octahedron, among which RE(ClO4)3·6H2O is a cubic crystal system and belongs to the Fm3m space group. Its central ion coordination number is 6, 6 oxygens come from water, and perchlorate does not participate in coordination.

Compound structure modification and expansion

Starting from the diversity and similarity of rare earth compounds, the introduction of groups can be used for modification and functional group improvement, and the category of rare earth compounds can be expanded. Based on the superiority of the R&D team, the researchers of Alfa Chemistry can support the customization of multi-functional and multi-type rare earth compounds to fully meet the needs of customers.

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