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Rare Earth Phosphate

Under acidic conditions (pH=4-5), adding soluble phosphate to the rare earth salt solution can result in the precipitation of rare earth phosphate. Rare earth phosphates have little solubility in water and can be dissolved in strong mineral acids or excess phosphoric acid. Rare earth phosphates have two structures, monoclinic and tetragonal. Rare earth phosphate is one of the main forms of rare earth minerals, and is widely used in the field of luminescent materials.

Rare Earth Phosphate

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Rare earth phosphates are a class of compounds that are poorly soluble in water, and are usually synthesized by the following methods:

RECl3 + Na3PO4 → REPO4↓ + 3NaCl

In order to avoid the generation of impurities, the reaction of nitrate and phosphoric acid can be considered for preparation.

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