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Rare Earth Selenate

Rare earth elements are important elements for the development of science and technology, and play important functions and significance in daily life. Rare earth elements refer to 15 kinds of lanthanide elements with atomic numbers from 57 to 71 in the periodic table of elements, and a total of 17 kinds of scandium (Sc) and yttrium (Y) which have similar chemical properties to lanthanide elements. Rare earth elements have a unique 4f sublayer electronic structure and play an indispensable role in high-tech fields. With the development of nanotechnology, researchers have reduced the size of rare earth compounds to the nanoscale. Surface effects, quantum effects and small size effects will significantly improve materials, so they have received extensive attention. Alfa Chemistry can provide rare earth selenates including lanthanum selenate, thulium selenate, gadolinium selenate and cerium selenate. In the future, we will expand more products to meet the experimental needs of customers.

Rare Earth Selenate

What can we offer

Alfa Chemistry is equipped with a professional quality control system and experienced experts, and can provide high-quality rare earth compounds to customers around the world. The related products we can provide include:

Synthetic strength and team support

  • Advanced laboratory
  • Experienced, skilled technicians
  • Engineer responsible for the whole process
  • Professional quality control
  • Optimized service system


With the development of nanotechnology, when the size of rare earth compounds is reduced to nanometer size, based on surface effect, quantum effect and small size effect, this material can stand out among many materials. Rare earth compound nanocrystals, such as rare earth oxides, rare earth fluorides, rare earth phosphates and other rare earth compounds. The 4f electronic structure based on rare earth elements has a wide range of applications in life. At present, researchers are working to reduce the size of rare earth selenides to the nanometer level, which greatly improves their performance. The researchers developed efficient synthetic methods and methods for the synthesis of ultrathin rare earth nanocrystals, as shown in the figure below. For ultra-small size rare earth nanocrystals, they have excellent properties in terms of optics, structural properties, and physicochemical properties, so they play an important role in the advancement of science and technology.

Schematic diagram of the synthesis of ultrathin rare earth selenidesFigure 2. Schematic diagram of the synthesis of ultrathin rare earth selenides


  • Professional research platform and professional research team support the involvement and development of small-scale materials
  • Expanded rare earth selenide product category

Product customization

Alfa Chemistry strictly protects the interests of customers, provides customers with cost-effective services and products, and insists on expansion and innovation. If the customer needs it, we also support signing a confidentiality agreement with the customer. If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately.


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