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Rare Earth Silicate

Rare earth silicate has low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent stability and heat insulation performance, good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Silicon-based ceramics are one of the most efficient materials for high-temperature resistant coatings in the future. They are usually combined with other materials to form composite materials to improve the environmental corrosion resistance of the substrate. There are many kinds of rare earth silicates, and the crystal structure is complex, forming a complex structure of multiple crystal forms. Based on the good compatibility of rare earth silicate materials and ceramics, researchers are focusing on designing rare earth silicate and silicon-based ceramic structures to achieve better performance of coatings. The study of the microscopic crystal structure and interaction of materials enables precise control of macroscopic elasticity, thermodynamic stability and corrosion resistance, which is of great significance for predicting efficient rare earth silicate coatings.

Rare Earth Silicate

What can we offer

Alfa Chemistry specializes in high quality rare earth compounds, including rare earth silicates, including:

The application

Rare earth silicate has low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent corrosion resistance, and can have good compatibility with silicon-based ceramics. Therefore, it is often used to develop composite materials for environmental barrier coatings. At present, a lot of research progress is used to study rare earth silicate materials, which can significantly improve the resistance performance, scandium clothing performance and stability performance through structural design.

Performance improvement

Rare earth silicate has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good phase stability, excellent resistance to water vapor and CMAS corrosion, and is an environmental protection coating material with performance advantages. Through the design of the rare earth silicate, the performance of the rare earth silicate in the environmental barrier coating can be improved to meet wider applications.

  • Thermal properties control of rare earth silicates
  • Control of corrosion resistance of rare earth silicates
  • Stable phase control of rare earth silicate structure

Rare earth silicates are high-quality luminescent materials

Rare earth silicate materials can be used as high-quality luminescent materials, and are usually prepared by high-temperature solid-state methods during processing. In the above methods, the reaction is incomplete, the temperature is high, the reaction time is long, the crystal grains of the product are broken, and the hardness is high. During the treatment of rare earth silicates, there may be a significant decrease in luminous intensity, which makes it urgent to develop efficient treatment methods.

Product customization

The rare earth silicates that Alfa Chemistry can provide are cerium (IV) silicates. In the future, researchers will strive to expand the category of materials and improve the characteristics of materials, and strive to use them in a wider range of applications. If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately.


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