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Rare Earth Tungstate

Tungstate is a salt containing tungstate or polytungstate in anion. Ammonium ions, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and many heavy metal cations can form tungstates. As an important new functional material, tungstate is used in various fields of social life. Rare earth tungstate refers to a salt with rare earth ions as cations and tungstate or polytungstate as anions. With the advancement of science and technology, the demand for high-performance luminescent materials is also increasing. Low-cost, high-efficiency and non-polluting luminescent materials are increasingly important, and rare earth tungstates are an important category.

Rare Earth Tungstate

What can we offer

Alfa Chemistry is equipped with advanced laboratories with experienced experts. With sophisticated instruments and equipment, Alfa Chemistry can provide highly efficient rare earth compounds and can also customize products. The related products we can provide include:

Preparation and synthesis method of rare earth tungstate

The application of rare earth tungstates in various fields has developed rapidly, mainly focusing on photocatalysis, fluorescence, ceramic materials and dyes. The development of high-performance and non-toxic rare earth tungstates is of great significance to the protection of the environment. More synthetic methods have been developed for the synthesis of rare earth tungstates. The preparation and synthesis methods of rare earth tungstates can affect the composition, structure and properties of materials. The currently mature synthetic methods are:

  • Hydrothermal: The advantage is that the produced particles have high purity, good dispersion, good shape control, and low production cost; the disadvantage is that the internal reaction cannot be observed, the equipment requirements are high, and the technology is difficult.
  • Sol-gel method: The advantage is that the particle size of the product is small, the uniformity is high, the purity is high, and the reaction is easy to control; the disadvantage is that the heat treatment temperature is improper, there are residual impurities, and the organic solvent is harmful to the human body.
  • High temperature calcination: The operation is simple, the particle size of the synthetic product is uniform, the controllability is strong, and the pollution is less; the disadvantage is that the dispersion is not good and it is easy to agglomerate.
  • Microwave solid phase synthesis: Fast synthesis speed, simple operation, high efficiency, energy saving, time saving, no pollution, high purity synthetic products, small particle size, uniform distribution
  • Top seed pulling: Can carry out controllable synthesis, high efficiency and good quality.
  • High temperature solid phase reaction: Easy to use. The synthetic crystal has a large particle size, which affects the luminous efficiency.

Product customization

Alfa Chemistry provides competitive high-quality rare earth compounds to customers around the world, and also supports customized services to provide satisfactory products to customers around the world. If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately.


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