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Rare Earth Vanadium Oxide

Rare earth nanomaterials have excellent properties in magnetism, photocatalysis, and physical and chemical properties, and play an extremely important role in the fields of biological imaging contrast agents, TV picture tubes, mobile phone screens, white LEDs, fluorescent lamps, and optoelectronic devices. A variety of rare earth vanadates and rare earth oxovanadates can be synthesized by a fast and simple hydrothermal method, which can expand their applications in bioimaging and fluorescent printing.

Rare Earth Vanadium Oxide

What can we offer

Alfa Chemistry keeps up with the pace of technological development, maintains a close partnership with the world's leading teams, masters leading technologies, and can provide customers with efficient and customized services. We can provide conventional rare earth vanadium oxide, and can also conduct customized synthesis according to customer needs. The related products we can provide include:

Special service and technical support

  • Luminescent mechanism of rare earth-based fluorescent nanomaterials
  • Application expansion of rare earth fluorescent materials
  • Coloring of rare earth compounds

Research on the principle of photoluminescence

The luminescent properties of rare earth compounds are deeply studied, and rare earth vanadates show self-activated and Bi3+-activated emissions. The intrinsic emission of rare earth vanadates is attributed to self-trapped excitons (STE). For rare-earth vanadates doped with different elements, the detailed information on the geometry and electronic structure of their luminescent excited states is still in an immature stage, and it is also a hot topic for researchers.

Research on the luminescence mechanism of rare earth vanadates is the focus of current researchFigure 2. Research on the luminescence mechanism of rare earth vanadates is the focus of current research

Product customization

Alfa Chemistry has an experienced rare earth compound synthesis and R&D team, which can provide professional product customization services. If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately.


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