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Boiling Point Testing

The boiling point of a compound is the temperature at which the liquid and gas phase changes, which is also a special constant for the compound as melting point. As impure liquids, it will boil in a certain temperature range. However, it is different with melting point analysis, the boiling point of a compound is closely related to the external pressure. Therefore, boiling point analysis is usually used as auxiliary data to support melting point analysis, in other words, qualitative measurement and supporting analysis. Alfa Chemistry is a platform specializing in rare earth elements, integrating detection, synthesis, service and products, focusing on the detection of rare earth related products and providing services to customers. Alfa Chemistry relying on intelligent omni-channel docking services, full-capacity coverage of data, rich rare earth experts, can provide convenient, high-quality, and professional testing services.

The description of boiling point testing-rare earth metal


Our Services

Boiling point analysis method is usually used as an auxiliary to verify other test methods. Alfa Chemistry is a platform specializing in rare earth element products and services, which has advanced boiling point testing equipment and a professional testing team. In addition, we can provide approved test reports and provide customers with satisfactory boiling point testing services. Our services include but are not limited to:

❖ Sample preparation

❖ Boiling point test

❖ Plan improvement and suggestions

The services of boiling point testing-rare earth metal


Why need boiling point testing?

Boiling point analysis is usually an auxiliary method of melting point analysis. The melting points and boiling point are generally higher owing to its strong internal interactions including ionic bonds, metal bonds, covalent bonds, intermolecular interactions, and van der Waals forces et al. Through the analysis of the melting and boiling point of the compound, the special internal interaction can be customized and clarified.

Boiling point test method

  • Distillation Method
  • Reflux Method
  • Thiele Tube Method

The process of boiling point testing-rare earth metal

Our Pledge

Alfa Chemistry's pledge is regular processes, accurately certified. We promise that our products will always be certified. Written standard operating procedures (SOP) are established for all product codes. Product certification is the final analysis and confirmation of a process control and measurement value.

Our testing capabilities

The boiling point test service about rare earth products provided by Alfa Chemistry can record data changes through real-time video to facilitate your playback and verification. We can provide a comprehensive result overview, guarantee video storage and automatic result evaluation, and achieve boiling point test quality control. We use certified reference materials to verify product performance and test accuracy through calibration.

Our advantages

  • Fast and convenient
  • Inexpensive and accurate
  • Rich professional knowledge and experience
  • Closed test environment to avoid emissions
  • Green and environmentally friendly
  • Small amount of sample required for analysis

Boiling point testing process

Alfa Chemistry can provide professional services related to rare earth elements, and its boiling point detection service is used as an auxiliary proof for other detection methods to verify the purity of the compound. The process of our testing services for rare earth related products includes: preparing samples, conducting experiments, recording data, analyzing data, and issuing reports.

Alfa Chemistry provides boiling point testing services based on rare earth element compounds, which can be used as an auxiliary test to verify the purity of substances. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.