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Component Identification

Component Identification

Rare earth alloy materials can be widely used in various fields, including aviation, machinery, automobile processing and other fields. The composition of rare earth alloy materials affects the performance and quality of the material. Component analysis and identification are mainly used for the analysis of unknown components, specific ingredients, and foreign objects et al. Through component identification, the components and purity of the metal samples to be tested can be quickly determined to help customers perform quantitative analysis. The analysis of the chemical composition of alloy materials plays an important role in the development of new materials, material quality analysis and control. Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing professional rare earth metal detection services, providing customers with high-quality, convenient and cost-effective services.


Our Services

The ability to accurately analyze the various components of rare earth alloy materials is crucial to the use of materials. Alfa Chemistry has a team with rich professional knowledge, advanced equipment, combined with years of testing experience on the basis of mechanics, physics, and structure knowledge. It can provide customers with efficient alloy testing services, the testing results can meet the strict industry standards, we also support the re-inspection of products, the metal detection services we provide include but are not limited to:

❖ Component analysis and identification

❖ Scheme design and improvement

❖ Quality Control

Component Identification


What can we do?

We can reasonably customize the testing program according to the needs of customers. For different samples, we can choose the appropriate testing standards according to their characteristics. We can provide product testing, quality determination and suggestions for improvement of existing synthesis solutions, identification of ingredients found diagnostic problems.

Our testing capabilities

Alfa Chemistry can provide a professional analysis and test platform for rare earth metal materials. Starting from the physical, chemical and mechanical process characteristics of the materials, it can help customers customize and solve solutions. Our test results comply with relevant industry regulations.

Our routine test products

  • Rare earth catalyst
  • Rare earth ferrosilicon alloy
  • Rare earth ferrosilicon
  • Rare earth magnesium alloy

Our advantages

  • Experienced technical team
  • Advanced and complete testing equipment
  • Reliable test results
  • Low testing cost

Our inspection process

Alfa Chemistry has a professional testing platform for rare earth alloy materials to meet customer needs to the greatest extent and help customers achieve cost-effective production. Our composition identification and analysis process for rare earth alloy materials includes

  • Customers mail samples
  • Receive samples and understand customer needs
  • Perform sample analysis experiments and test analysis
  • Issue data and analyze
  • Make suggestions and improvements
  • Mailing reports and samples

Component Identification

Alfa Chemistry provides the identification and analysis of the composition of rare earth alloy materials, and can help customers conduct foreign body analysis, composition analysis and purity analysis. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.