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Content Analysis

Content Analysis

In order to reveal more information about rare earth powder materials, in addition to routine testing of powder materials and the interaction of internal components (mainly for rare earth phosphors and catalysts), special methods are needed to analyze their chemical composition. It is of great significance for mastering product performance, industrial diagnosis and program improvement, and restoring formulas. Alfa Chemistry can provide professional detection and analysis of the composition of rare earth powder materials, which can use varieties of characterization methods to reveal the content and composition of the product, aiming to help customers control product quality, achieve efficient production, and effectively reduce the number of defective products.


Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has advanced testing equipment and experienced testing team, which has many advantages such as short testing cycle, cost-effective, scientific and accurate data. It provides composition analysis and testing services of rare earth powder products, which helps to understand the performance and micro characteristics of powder materials and can effectively promote the development of new materials. We provide high-quality testing services, including but not limited to:

❖ Content analysis

❖ Purity analysis

❖ Recipe reduction and improvement

❖ Quality control

❖ Qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements

The content analysis test service of powder-rare earth metal


Quality assurance and control

Alfa Chemistry has established a complete service quality assurance system, relying on advanced analytical instruments and sufficient analytical experience to ensure product quality to meet customer needs.

Our testing products

Rare earth upstream products

Rare Earth Ore, Rare Earth Concentrate, Rare Earth Carbonate, Rare earth chloride

Rare earth midstream products

Rare Earth Metals, Rare Earth oxides, Rare Earth Compounds, Rare Earth Alloys

Rare earth downstream products

Rare Earth Magnetic Materials (neodymium iron boron), Rare Earth Fluorescent Materials, Rare Earth Catalytic Materials

The application of content analysis

❏ Determine raw material composition

❏ Analyze the components and restore the formula

❏ Determine purity

❏ Industrial diagnosis, eliminate hidden dangers

❏ Quality control to ensure product qualification

❏ Product comparison

❏ Recipe improvement, imitating production

The significance of content analysis

The composition analysis of powder products is helpful to understand the proportion of the product, understand the performance and characteristics of the product, and promote the improvement and promotion of the product plan, which is of great significance for industrial diagnosis and accident prevention. In addition, the content analysis of powder material can also be used as the method to characterize the purity of materials, which can analyze the impurities of the product, thereby improving the quality of the product.

The common methods and instruments

The methods of content analysis test-rare earth metal

Our advantages

  • Strictly arrange test operations
  • Experienced team and advanced equipment
  • Professional analysis data
  • Short test cycle
  • Reasonable recipe improvement plan

Our inspection process

The composition analysis of rare earth powder products helps recipe reduction and improvement, industrial diagnosis, product performance evaluation and impurity determination. Alfa Chemistry can provide professional rare earth powder product composition testing services, including rare earth ore, rare earth products, catalysts, rare earth salts, oxides, phosphors et al. The flow of our testing service for powder composition analysis is as follows:

  • Inquire, send samples and submit testing requirements
  • Sign confidentiality agreement and make a plan
  • Complete test
  • Mail the test report
  • After-sales value-added services

Alfa Chemistry can provide the content analysis test service, which aims to reveal product characteristics, helping quality evaluation and improvement. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.