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Decomposition of Rare Earth Concentrates

Decomposition of Rare Earth Concentrates

The rare earth in rare earth concentrates usually exist in the form of carbonates, fluorides, phosphates, oxides or silicates, and are difficult to dissolve in water. Through being dissolved, separated, purified, concentrated, and burned, rare earth can be converted into water-soluble or inorganic acid-soluble compounds through various chemical changes. Then various mixed rare earth compounds (such as mixed rare earth chloride) are made into products or semi-finished products, separating from the rare earth raw materials. This process is called rare earth concentrate decomposition or pretreatment. Many factors will have a great influence on the treatment effect owing to the different processing technology in the treatment of ores and minerals. Alfa Chemistry supports customers throughout the entire processing chain and provide them with mining expertise, and ensure the best after-sales service and dedicated guidance.


Our Services

The complex composition of rare earth concentrates contain about tens to hundreds of different elements, through simple separation technology, crude rare earth oxides can be obtained, and other rare earth products can be made from them through fine processing. Alfa Chemistry mainly engaged in the research and development of production processes and equipment in the fields of single rare earth metals, rare earth alloys, product deep processing. We have rich experience in the purification of rare earth minerals. Our services including but are not limited to:

❖ Personalized purification program customization

❖ Decomposition of rare earth concentrates

❖ Rare earth ore composition detection

❖ Separation technology

Decomposition of Rare Earth Concentrates


What are our promises?

Our separation technology solutions can be used in the mining process of almost all rare earth minerals, raw materials and ores. We have been helping our clients to provide profit margins and optimize their processes through smart solutions.

What are our methods?

Generally, the appropriate process flow is selected according to the type, grade characteristics, product plan, easy recovery and comprehensive utilization of non-rare earth elements, labor hygiene and environmental protection, and economic rationality. Alfa Chemistry offers the methods to deal with rare earth raw materials and ores including acid method, alkali method and chlorination decomposition.

How about our service ability?

  • Testing and evaluation
  • Optimization and troubleshooting
  • Laboratory test
  • Sample preparation
  • Issue a report

What are our advantages?

  • Lower operating costs
  • High quality and high purity final product
  • Optimize productivity with our separation technology solutions
  • Personalized project planning
  • Make full use of our expertise and years of rich experience
  • The closed structure avoids emissions and protects the environment

Decomposition of Rare Earth Concentrates

What are our progresses?

Product Order

Based on strong technical strength, we will deeply explore customer needs and assist you in formulating a complete process design plan.

Sample Evaluation

Use precise analysis equipment to analyze the components of the sample and test the separation process of the sample.

Improved Debugging

With the help of sample data and industry experience, optimize the plan, improve the process, and meet the requirements of the pilot test.

Product Testing

Accurately evaluate the performance of finished products according to testing standards.

Alfa Chemistry provides the services of decomposition of rare earth concentrates, which including personalized purification program customization, decomposition of rare earth concentrates, rare earth ore composition detection, and separation technology. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.