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The density (the volumetric mass density, also known as specific mass) of a substance is its mass per unit volume, the symbol most often used for density is ρ, the calculation formula is as follows[1]:


The density is characteristic of the material, which can help to identify the property the material. Generally, the density can also be regarded as specific gravity (the ratio of the material's density to water's). As the critical property for materials, which could affect the product properties, therefore, the density measurement process must be strictly monitored. The main test process including initial sampling, designing process, experiment detection calibration results and data analyses. Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing customers with high-quality and efficient density measurement services of various of materials including but not limited to metal materials, organic materials and inorganic non-metal materials. We constantly innovate service items and testing technologies to meet the needs of customers, we also can customize overall solutions to finally achieve accurate measurement of the density of the substance.


Service Content

With strong technical experience accumulation and excellent service tenet, Alfa Chemistry can satisfy the demands of customers with more comprehensive, better quality, more convenient test and consulting services. Our team has extensive knowledge in collecting, preparing, analyzing, and measuring, therefore, we can provide accurate and repeatable results for customers. Our related density services are as following but not limited to:

❖ Particle Density Test

❖ Powder Density Test

❖ Metal Materials Density Test


Application of density

  • Identify of the substance (composition, impurities and analysis)
  • Calculate the mass of some objects that are difficult to weigh or the volume of objects with complex shapes
  • Determine whether the object is solid or hollow
  • Calculate the internal pressure and buoyancy of the liquid

Measurement methods

  • Weighing method

The weighing method is the most direct method of density measurement. The mass of the solid obtained through the balance, and the volume of the substance determined by the drainage method, through the basic principle of ρ= m / V can obtain the density.

  • Archimedes' law

The apparent weight is the weight of the object floating in the water, and gravity (G) and apparent weight (G') tested substance are detected by spring balance, the density of material calculates following the formula:ρ=G*ρH2O/ (G-G').

  • Buoyancy method

Density can also be measured by the buoyancy method, which combines the volume change of water when a solid block floating (V2) or completely submerged in water (V3) and the initial volume of the water (V1) , the formula as follows:ρ=ρH2O (V2-V1) / (V3-V1).

  • Density meter

The density meter is the specific gravity measuring instrument, which developed by combining modern micro-solid technology with Archimedes' Law.


Alfa Chemistry provides information about density testing,which can specify the physical parameters of the material according to customer requirements. Alfa Chemistry provides high-quality rare earth metal related services. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.


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※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.