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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

Rare earth elements are called "industrial vitamins", which play a major role in improving product performance, optimizing product structure and expanding product application. They have been widely used in petrochemical, production metallurgy, scientific research and development, new materials and other fields. At present, for products and parts doped with rare-earth metal elements in the industry, the failure analysis service provided by Alfa Chemistry can combine the failure environment and failure phenomena on the basis of metalology, materials science, mechanics and fracturing to analyze the measured objects. Failure analysis can help eliminate hidden dangers, which is the basis for product design and manufacturing.The analysis can infer the cause of the failure and give preventive measures and corrective management suggestions, which can effectively reduce the waste of resources and the occurrence of accidents.


Our Services

Rare earth metal doped materials are widely used in all aspects of life, including chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, and automotive industry. The failure analysis of metal materials can effectively improve the waste of resources. Alfa Chemistry has a professional research team, rich experience in failure analysis of metal materials, and complete analysis equipment. The testing environment analyzes the causes of failures from the release, and can give reasonable suggestions to prevent failures from occurring. The services we can provide include but are not limited to:

❖ Failure analysis detection

❖ Recommendations for improvement

❖ Material quality control

Failure Analysis


The significance of failure analysis

Rare earth metals are widely used in communication technology, aerospace, automobile production, chemical industry, metallurgy, and other fields. Under the action of a complex environment, rare earth metal materials will gradually retest, fatigue, fracture, wear, and cause major accidents and economic losses. The failure analysis of rare earth metals has greatly necessary in material processing, processing technology, and resource conservation. In addition, failure analysis is an important basis for product component design, processing, and material selection, which increases the credibility of the product and thus obtains greater economic benefits.

Why choose us?

As the professional metal detection platform, Alfa Chemistry has the advanced metal detection methods and experienced professionals to help you:

  • Identify the characterization, characteristics and defects of metal materials
  • Ensure reliable operation of metal parts and meet required certification standards

Quality assurance and control

Alfa Chemistry has established a complete service quality assurance system. Starting from the needs of customers, it can reasonably customize solutions, relying on rich experience and advanced equipment to ensure that the test results meet strict standards.

Our advantages

  •  Provide customers with complete efficient services
  •  Abundant technology service support
  •  Get reliable test results quickly
  •  Convenient testing and low cost
  • Experienced team and advanced equipment

Inspection process

Alfa Chemistry provides professional testing services for rare earth metals, in which failure testing services for rare earth metal materials can be used to test the causes of failure of materials and can give reliable suggestions. Our failure test service process for rare earth metal products and parts includes:

  •  Accept the task and clear purpose requirements
  • Investigate the scene and collect background information
  • Protection, sampling, cleaning and storage of failed parts
  • Observation, detection and testing of failed parts
  • Determine the cause of failure and propose improvement measures
  • Issue reports and follow-up services

The process of failure Analysis testing-rare earth metal

Alfa Chemistry provides failure analysis and testing of rare earth metal products, aiming to eliminate hidden dangers, reduce accidents, improve product reputation, and obtain greater benefits. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.