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Granularity Control

Granularity Control

At present, most rare earth products exist in the form of powder. The particle size is usually used to describe the shape and size of the powder particles, which has an important impact on the structure and performance of the material. The doping of a small amount of nano-level rare earth elements has a very important impact on the improvement of the catalytic performance, optical performance and magnetic properties of the materials. Nano rare earth materials have small size effects, quantum size effects, surface effects and quantum tunneling. The effect has many characteristics that conventional materials do not have. Therefore, it is of great significance to characterize and control the particle size and shape of nanomaterials.


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In recent years, with the rapid development of nanoscience and technology, the granularity have become one of the important indicators for the characterization of nanomaterials. Alfa Chemistry specializes in particle size and material testing services about rare earth products, and granularity control is one of the core services, providing professional granularity analysis services for nano rare earth products, including but not limited to:

❖ Design Granularity Scheme

❖ Screen Analysis by Laser Diffraction

❖ Particle Size Analysis

Granularity Control

Granularity control determines and reports information about the size and range of particles representing the given material. A variety of techniques can be used to perform this analysis. Determine the most appropriate method based on the properties of the sample and the problem.


What is the meaning of granular control?

The purpose of imparting special properties to materials can be achieved by adding nanoparticles. For nanoparticles, the particle size and morphology are the most important features, and the particle size, particle size distribution, and shape rules can be artificially controlled, which can greatly improve the characteristics of the materials.

Why choose us?

Our employees have rich experience and relevant scientific knowledge, which can help you interpret the test results, so you can obtain data to make more appropriate decisions.

What is assurance?

Alfa Chemistry has established the complete product quality assurance system, regarding the quality as the development foundation of the company, supporting customers' products to enter the international market in a shorter time, less cost, and stronger competitiveness. It relies on advanced analytical instruments and adequate analytical experience to ensure the quality of products reaches the demands of customers.

What are advantages?

Granularity Control

Alfa Chemistry provides the granularity control services of rare earth nano products, which is greatly affect the materials performance. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.