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Metal Test

To make use of metal materials more effectively, we need to master the information of composition, mechanical properties, and material properties of metal materials. For the metal materials, which have high safety, reliable performance, and satisfied with strict standards, ensure its wide application in various industries. The metal test suggests the suitability and quality of materials, and it can also explain the questions about production or product failure. Alfa Chemistry can provide system solutions, product failure analysis experiments, and develop quality assessment procedures, and it relies on metal and alloys testing and analysis services to provide test results. Alfa Chemistry has a professional testing team with rich laboratory experience and can provide professional technical knowledge and reliable services.


Performance Evaluation

Metal detection mainly focuses on mechanical properties, material properties, metal composition, surface properties, chemical analysis, hardness, and elasticity. Alfa Chemistry has advanced testing equipment and experienced testers, providing services to satisfy customers around the world. Our team provides the non-destructive detect service, which can be used in various materials, and we have the ability to safely handle test rare earth materials and parts of various sizes, shapes and weights. We provide you with qualified rare earth metal testing services, including:

Performance Evaluation

❖ Failure Analysis

❖ Physical Properties

❖ Stiffness and Elasticity

❖ Metallographic Inspection

❖ Surface Properties

❖ Chemical Properties

❖ Mechanical Properties


Alloys Analysis

Alloys are the mixture of various metals, for example, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and neodymium alloy et al. Our alloys analysis services demand extensive expertise, offering mechanical testing, routine analysis, and nondestructive inspection services to a wide variety of industries. Alfa Chemistry provides rare earth alloys analysis of alloys for customers around the world. Our team supplies services range from simple alloy identification to more complex procedures performed by technologically advanced equipment. Our researchers are specialized and knowledgeable, and they are familiar with most industry standards and conduct tests in accordance with applicable regulations. Alfa Chemistry committed to providing friendly support and high-quality services to meet the needs of customers, including but not limited to:

Alloys Analysis

❖ Recipe Analysiss

❖ Trace Metals Analysis

❖ Component Identification

❖ Routine Analysis


Inspection Process

Inspection process

Our testing process mainly includes: analyzing customer needs, determining test solutions, laboratory tests, data analysis, returning customer information, and helping customers process data.

Alfa Chemistry provides the metal and alloys tests of rare earth-related products, which are the important index parameters of material performance, and can also meet the requirements of customers for reliable and suitable analysis. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.