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Metallurgical Technology

Metallurgical Technology

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Rare earth elements have a unique and important influence in our lives, especially in the industrial age of the 21th century. Rare earth elements can be used in electronics, information, communications, automobiles, precision machinery including medical equipment, and traditional petroleum, glass, metallurgy, and other industries. Post-processed products of rare earth, such as new rare earth materials, components, and terminals. As research and development work discovers new applications of these little-known materials in our increasingly high-tech world. Rare earth elements has widely application in luminescence, magnetism, electronics, phosphors, hydrogen storage materials, magnetic and magnetostrictive materials, and catalysts, owing to its unsaturated 4f electronic structure.


Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has extensive experience, which can provide fast and accurate analysis. Its laboratory technicians firstly perform the preliminary analysis of selected samples for deep analysis by metallurgical experts. We also carefully inspect rare earth minerals through optical and scanning electron microscopes, issue reasonable plans, and conduct laboratory tests on samples. In addition, we can put forward more environmentally friendly and efficient suggestions for the current metallurgical methods and processes to meet customer needs to a greater extent. The metallurgical services provided by Alfa Chemistry mainly include but are not limited to:

❖ Customized metallurgical plan design

❖ Optimization of existing solutions

❖ Technical support

Metallurgical Technology 2


Why need program improvement?

With the development of science and technology, rare earth elements play an indispensable role in new materials such as permanent magnet materials, luminescent materials, ceramic materials, hydrogen storage materials, and magnetostrictive materials. For the research of rare earth minerals, the quality of rare earth products can be effectively guaranteed, and efficient purification methods and excellent metallurgical processes are the current problems to be solved.

Our promises

Our separation technology solutions can be used in the mining process of almost all rare earth minerals, raw materials and ores. We have been helping our clients to provide profit margins and optimize their processes through smart solutions.

Our advantages

  • Provide customers with complete efficient services
  • Abundant metallurgical technology service support
  • Get reliable test results quickly
  • Convenient testing and low cost

The development prospects

With the development of high technology, rare earth compounds with unique physical properties are needed, such as ultrafine rare earth oxides, high specific surface area rare earth compounds, phosphors, phosphor additives, laser crystals, et al. In addition, there is an urgent need to reduce product costs, combine the preparation process of rare earth compounds with rare earth separation and purification, strive to make better use of rare earth resources, improve traditional metallurgical processes, and develop short processes with less pollution and low cost.

Alfa Chemistry provides the services of metallurgical technology, which aims to help customers design more reasonable metallurgical solutions, making the production process easier, more environmentally friendly and more efficient. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.