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Metallurgical Test

Metallurgical Test

Metallurgical Test 1

Rare earth metals can be widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, glass ceramics, fluorescent, and electronic materials industries et al. For rare earth elements, they mainly exist in the earth's crust in the form of minerals. The process of extracting metals or metal compounds from minerals is called metallurgy, which is mainly the process and technology of using various processing methods to make metals into metal materials with certain properties. The metallurgical technologies of rare earth metals mainly include pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, and electrometallurgy.


Our Services

Metallurgical testing services include chemical, mechanical, micro/macro, destructive and non-destructive testing of various metal materials or products. Alfa Chemistry has experienced mineral expert that can provide fast and reliable mineral testing and inspection services. Alfa Chemistry provides comprehensive quality assurance, which has a wealth of metallurgical expertise, and could cover a wide range of applications and customer requirements. It makes full use of the most advanced analysis, consultation and on-site metallurgical research to meet demanding customer needs. Alfa Chemistry provides metallurgical testing services include but are not limited to:

❖ Macro evaluation

❖ Micro assessment

❖ Source test

❖ Item number

❖ Performance evaluation

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Why need metallurgy test?

In the process of high-efficiency utilization of rare earth ore, fully understand the composition and structure of rare earth mine,metallurgical technology will greatly help us realize the fullest application of ore and meet demands. We can provide measurement tests in the laboratory, simulate the actual factory processing country process, start from the mineral composition, analyze metallurgical methods, improve metallurgical technology, and increase metal utilization to satisfy the requirements of customers.

How about our testing ability?

The metallurgical testing laboratory of Alfa Chemistry uses the expertise and technology required to test rare earth metals and advanced rare earth alloys. Most of the metallurgical testing methods can be carried out in the laboratory, starting from laboratory testing to the analysis of samples in the factory. Can give customers reasonable suggestions and issue perfect reports.

Our promises

Our separation technology solutions can be used in the mining process of almost all rare earth minerals, raw materials and ores. We have been helping our clients to provide profit margins and optimize their processes through smart solutions.

Our advantages

  • Provide customers with complete efficient services
  • Abundant metallurgical technology service support
  • Get reliable test results quickly
  • Convenient testing and low cost
  • Make full use of our expertise and years of rich experience
  • The closed structure avoids emissions and protects the environment

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Our test standards

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • ASTM International
  • American Welding Association
  • International Standard Organization
  • Space material specifications
  • SAE International

Analysis of current situation

Manufacturers are using better technology to bring innovative materials to the market. Although many of the traditional metallurgical test methods used to evaluate metals remain the same, metallurgists face more challenges than ever before.

Alfa Chemistry provides the services of metallurgical testing services, which aims to help customers design more reasonable metallurgical solutions, making the production process easier, more environmentally friendly and more efficient. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.