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Minerals Analysis

Minerals Analysis

Rare earth elements mainly exist in the earth's crust in the form of minerals, which are natural rare earth minerals. For minerals, it is necessary to conduct mineral analysis. The mineral analysis mainly refers to the general term for qualitative and quantitative analysis methods using machinery, instruments, or reagents according to the differences in the physical and chemical properties of minerals. The research methods include phase analysis and rock mineral identification. Through mineral analysis, the genesis of minerals and their enrichment laws under different geological effects can be clarified, so as to facilitate the collection and purification of rare earth ore and subsequent processing. At present, most rare earth products are obtained by subsequent processing of rare earth minerals, thus the mineral analysis of rare earth materials is very important to control the quality of rare earth products.

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Our Services

Through mineral analysis, we can clarify the origin of minerals and their enrichment laws under different geological effects. Alfa Chemistry has extensive experience and can provide fast and accurate analysis, including chemistry, mineralogy and structural analysis. Alfa Chemistry can assist in mineral exploration, process development, product quality control, and can propose reasonable testing plans for specific samples, issue appropriate reports, and help customers with mineral analysis. Mineral analysis is mainly for the analysis of raw ore and rare earth concentrates, including but not limited to:

❖ Analysis of the existence of elements

❖ Determination of mineral content

❖ Analysis of particle size characteristics

❖ Analysis of mineral symbiosis

❖ Size analysis

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Why need minerals analysis?

Mineral analysis can clarify the genesis of minerals, the enrichment laws of minerals under different geological effects, the existence state and interaction of mineral elements. Mineral analysis  is the first step to process rare earth minerals into products, which can effectively control the quality of the original materials, improving the quality of later products, therefore, for complex rare earth minerals, mineral analysis is necessary.

The methods of minerals analysis

Mineral analysis methods mainly include mechanical separation methods, physical methods, and chemical methods. The specific classifications are as follows. However, for rare earth minerals, the above methods are somewhat lacking in the analysis of element existence state, existence form, interaction and intercalation state. Therefore, phase analysis and rock and mineral identification are very important as additional rare earth mineral analysis methods, which has widely applications in industry production.

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Through rock and mineral identification, it is possible to know exactly what minerals beneficial and harmful elements exist in, to find out the type, content, particle size characteristics and mosaic relationship of minerals in the ore, to determine the degree of dissociation of useful mineral monomers in mineral processing.

What the advantages of minerals analysis?

  • Provide customers with complete efficient services
  • Abundant metallurgical technology service support
  • Get reliable test results quickly
  • Convenient testing and low cost

Alfa Chemistry provides the services of minerals analysis, which designed to help customers analyze the composition of raw ore and concentrate, so as to improve the later processing technology and produce better quality initial products. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.