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Optical Design

Optical Design

The luminescence characteristics of rare earth ions mainly depend on the characteristics of the 4f shell electrons of rare earth ions. With the change of the number of electrons in the 4f shell, rare earth ions usually exhibit different forms of electronic transitions and very abundant energy level transitions. Therefore, rare earth ions can absorb or emit light of various wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared, forming various luminescent materials which can be widely used in many fields, such as energy-saving lamps, semiconductor lighting, flat panel displays, and blinking crystals. The excellent luminescence properties of rare earth ions have laid the foundation for the manufacture of high-efficiency luminescent materials. Rare earth luminescent materials have the advantages of narrow emission band, high color purity, bright color, strong light absorption, high conversion efficiency, wide emission wavelength distribution range, fluorescence lifetime from nanoseconds to milliseconds, reaching 6 orders of magnitude, making rare earth compounds a highly explored et al.

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Our Services

Rare earth luminescent materials mainly include: rare earth luminescent materials for white light LEDs, rare earth light conversion materials, up-conversion luminescent materials, rare earth nano luminescent materials, vacuum ultraviolet luminescent materials, rare earth complex electroluminescent materials, rare earth scintillators et al. For the light source design services provided by Alfa Chemistry, we mainly start from the above rare earth luminescent products, and design suitable light sources for the characteristics of rare earth luminescence to meet customer needs. Our services including but not limited to:

❖ Design of rare earth light source

❖ Rare earth anti-counterfeiting design

❖ Rare earth LED design

❖ Rare earth up-conversion design

❖ Rare earth nano-luminescence design

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Why need optical design?

In general, the light sources are composite light in life, which has low purity, may greatly restrict its application. A purer light source may have a more comfortable experience and a more precise direction of use. For high-purity or special light sources, it can be used in specific occasions, such as white light-emitting diodes, fluorescent devices, and scientific research. Therefore, we need to adjust light to achieve.

The advantages of white LED

  • Brightness and light color are adjustable to meet the needs of various occasions
  • It can carry out dynamic control and provide reasonable solutions according to requirements
  • Long life, no mercury
  • More energy saving and environmental protection
  • Directional radiation within the beam angle, which is beneficial to improve the downlight flux ratio

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The prospect of rare earth luminescent materials

Rare earth luminescent materials are an important application field for the high value of rare earth resources, and they are also of great significance for improving people's quality of life. In the future, rare earth luminescent materials will have great development prospects in the following aspects:

  • Use the properties of rare earths to develop ecological light sources
  • Perfect white LED and seek new fulcrum of rare earth luminescent materials
  • Strengthen the production and application of rare earth phosphors

Alfa Chemistry provides the services of optical design, aiming to design suitable light sources according to customer needs to maximize profits and be environmentally friendly. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.