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The luminescence of rare earth compounds is based on the transition of their 4f electrons within the f-f configuration or between the f-d configuration. Rare earth atoms or ions with underfilled 4f shells have approximately 30,000 observable spectral lines in their spectra. They can emit electromagnetic radiation of various wavelengths from ultraviolet light, visible light to infrared light. The rich energy levels of rare earth ions and the transition characteristics of 4f electrons make rare earths a huge luminous treasure house from which more new luminescent materials can be discovered. The fluorescence emission meter is usually used to detect the changes and characteristics of fluorescence data. Fluorescence spectrometer, also known as fluorescence spectrophotometer, is a qualitative and quantitative analysis instrument. Through the fluorescence spectrometer, we can obtain the information about the detected materials of excitation spectrum, emission spectrum, quantum yield, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence lifetime, Stokes shift, fluorescence polarization, depolarization characteristics, and fluorescence quenching et al.


Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provide advanced fluorescence test instruments, mainly X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and molecular fluorescence spectrometer, which aims at helping customers solve problems related to emission spectrum, fluorescence lifetime, fluorescence quantum yield and Stokes shift, our services on fluorescence spectrometers include but are not limited to:

❖ Sample preparation

❖ Fluorescence spectrometer service

❖ Spectral data analysis

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The principle of X-ray fluorescence

When the material is exposed to short-wavelength X-ray inspection or gamma rays, its constituent atoms may be ionized. If the atom is exposed to radiation and energy is greater than its ionization potential, it is sufficient to expel the electrons in the inner orbital, but this makes the electrons of the atom are unstable, and the electrons in the outer orbit will "refill" and enter the low orbit to fill in the remaining holes. In the process of "refilling", excess energy is released, and the energy of the photon is equal to the energy difference between the two orbitals. Therefore, the radiation emitted by matter is the energy characteristic of atoms.

Description of fluorescence spectrometer


After the outer layer of the atom absorbs a photon, it transitions from the ground state to the excited state, and when it returns to a lower energy level or ground state, it emits a certain wavelength of radiation, called fluorescence.

Fluorescence Spectrometer

The fluorescence spectrometer consists of a light source, an excitation light source, an emission light source, a sample cell, a detector, and a display device. Fluorescence spectrometer can be divided into X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and molecular fluorescence spectrometer.

The application of fluorescence spectrometer

Fluorescence spectrometers are widely used in the detection fields of chemistry, environment and biochemistry. For example, by monitoring the changes in fluorescence spectra, the mechanism of action of drugs and nucleic acids can be understood, and it also can provide information on the binding of drugs to proteins through changes in fluorescence intensity, polarization degree, and the appearance of new fluorescence peaks et al. Using a fluorescence spectrometer, we can obtain the following data:

  • Fluorescence excitation spectrum and fluorescence emission spectrum
  • Synchronous fluorescence (wavelength and energy) scanning spectrum
  • 3D (Ex Em Intensity)
  • Time Base and CWA (fixed wavelength single point measurement)
  • Fluorescence lifetime measurement, including lifetime resolution and time resolution

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What the advantages of fluorescence spectrometer?

  • Fast analysis speed
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • High analytical precision
  • Multiple types of samples (solid, powder, and liquid samples) can be tested
  • Good selectivity

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Alfa Chemistry provides the services of optical emission spectrometers, which including equipment and data analysis services. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.