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Optical Service

Optical Service

Rare Earth Luminescent Materials are generated by the transition of rare earth 4f electrons between different energy level. Rare earth luminescence has the advantages of strong absorption capacity, high conversion efficiency, and can emit spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared light, especially in the visible light region. According to the different excitation methods, luminescence can be divided into photoluminescence, cathodluminescence, electroluminescence, radiation luminescence, X-ray luminescence, triboluminescence, chemiluminescence, chemiluminescence, and bioluminescence. Rare earth luminescent materials have been widely used in various aspects such as imaging display, new light sources, and X-ray enhancement screens, rare earth tri-primary phosphors, phosphors for white light diodes (LED), and luminescent glass.


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Rare earth luminescent materials have excellent properties, including narrow emission spectrum, high color purity, strong light absorption capacity, high conversion efficiency, wide emission wavelength distribution area, long fluorescence lifetime, stable physical and chemical properties, high-temperature resistance, making rare earth luminescent materials a high technology for exploration of the main research object of materials. Alfa Chemistry offers the advanced equipment of fluorescence spectrometer, and also can accord to the analysis of the chromaticity diagram, meeting the customer's needs of fast and accurate test results.

❖ Optical Emission Spectrometers

❖ Optical Design

❖ Colorimetric Analysis

Optical Service


Why need optical design?

The application of characteristics rare earth elements from visible to near-infrared multi-band luminescence can also realize that the structure, function, and performance of rare earth materials can be precisely designed and controlled under certain conditions.

What are the advantages of optical service?

  • Help customers complete efficient optical analysis services
  • Customize and adjust the light source to satisfy customer needs
  • Get reliable test results quickly
  • Convenient testing and low cost

What is the prospect?

The research of rare earth luminescent materials has begun to trend towards nanometerization. On the basis of original characteristics, the nanometerization of rare earth luminescent materials greatly improve some properties of nanoparticles such as quantum size effect, small size effect, surface effect, and macroscopic tunnel effect. The nanometerization of rare earth luminescent materials will inject new vitality into scientific research, and will be more conducive to the discovery of new luminescent materials and new luminescent properties.

Alfa Chemistry provides the services of optical service, which including optical emission spectrometers, optical design, and colorimetric analysis. Alfa Chemistry satisfied the requirements of customers from tests to data analysis. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.