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Particle Characterization

Particle Characterization

The products related to rare earth elements in our daily life are mostly in powder forms, such as rare earth oxides, rare earth salts, and rare earth hydroxide et al. Particle characterization testing is an experimental work to describe the particle characteristics of powders through specific instruments and methods. In order to study the microscopic properties of powder-form rare earth related products, particle characterization parameters can describe their physical properties in detail. Among various indicators, particle size distribution is the most concerned indicator in all application fields.


Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provides particle characterization services for powdered rare earth products. It has advanced detection equipment and experienced particle research experts, which can provide high-quality delivery and timely analysis within the shortest specified time. We provide you with many qualified powder detection services, including but not limited to:

Particle Characterization

❖ Particle Parameters

❖ Particle Characterization


Particle size

Particle size is an effective way to describe and characterize the size characteristics (length, width and height) of particles. Each particle has a specific shape and different three-dimensional elongation, however, particles are actually represented by one-dimensional size functions (for example, chord length, particle length, or spherical equivalent diameter).

Particle size distribution

The percentage of particles of different sizes in the total amount of powder reflected by specific instruments and methods. There are two forms of interval distribution and cumulative distribution. Interval distribution is also called differential distribution or frequency distribution, which represents the percentage of particles in a series of particle size intervals. The cumulative distribution is also called integral distribution, which represents the percentage of particles smaller or larger than a certain size.

Testing equipment

  • Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA)
  • Static Image Analysis
  • Sieve Analysis (Retsch)
  • Laser Diffraction
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
  • Particle Characterization

Particle size distribution detection method

❖ Settlement method

❖ Laser method

❖ Microscopy

❖ Breathable method

❖ Stokes law

❖ Sieving method

❖ Scraper method

❖ Ultrasonic method

❖ Beer's Law

❖ Resistance method

❖ Settling flask method

❖ Dynamic light scattering

Why is particle size analysis important?

Different particles have different physical properties, and the size and shape of certain particles will be optimal for a specific purpose.

  • Industrial Processing - Good Flowability
  • Medicines - Highest Bio-Availability
  • Catalyst - Maximum Surface Area

What is inspection process?

  • Send samples
  • Submit testing requirements
  • Initial inspection
  • Make a plan
  • Experimental design
  • Complete the experiment
  • Mail the test report

Particle Characterization

Why choose us?

As the professional rare earth service platform, Alfa Chemistry has advanced powder characterization methods and experienced professionals to help you:

❖ Identify the characterization, characteristics, and defects of particle
❖ Ensure reliable operation of particle parts and meet required certification standards

What is assurance?

Alfa Chemistry has established the complete product quality assurance system, regarding the quality as the development foundation of the company, relying on advanced analytical instruments and adequate analytical experience to ensure the quality of products reaches the demands of customers.

What are advantages?

  • Experienced technical team and rigorously arranged test operation
  • Advanced equipment to ensure that the testing data is accurate and reliable
  • Professionals analyze the test data and assist in effectively solving technical problems
  • Short test cycle ensures the test results can be obtained

Alfa Chemistry provides the particle characterization of rare earth-related products, which are the important index characterization of materials performance. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.