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Particle Information

Particle Information

The exploration of the micro-information of powder materials is very important for mastering the properties of the materials. The analysis services of rare earth powder materials mainly include particle counting, particle size measurement and characterization, micro-particle identification, loading et al. Alfa Chemistry offers a professional rare earth powder testing platform, a professional team can be used for development and support, which helps to fully understand and identify the particle information of the product, and ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the product.


Our Services

In different industries, the requirements for powder are different. Alfa Chemistry can choose appropriate test standards and schemes, and can characterize and measure powder materials according to customer needs. Starting from accurate data, combined with years of testing experience, Alfa Chemistry can broaden the use of powder materials and target special products, carrying out load analysis, and giving suggestions and improvement plans based on the test data. The particle characterization services of rare earth powder materials that Alfa Chemistry can provide include but are not limited to:

❖ Particle size analysis

❖ Particle distribution analysis

❖ Particle size evaluation

❖ Quality assessment of powder products

The services of particle information-rare earth metal


The significance of particle characterization

Alfa Chemistry has advanced analysis and testing instruments and experienced experts who can professionally characterize and measure the characteristics of microscopic particles of powder materials. Through the powder test, it can be clear whether the powder product meets the standard, the use of the powder product can be predicted, and the product performance can be evaluated.

Our testing products

Rare earth upstream products

Rare Earth Ore, Rare Earth Concentrate, Rare Earth Carbonate, Rare earth chloride

Rare earth midstream products

Rare Earth Metals, Rare Earth oxides, Rare Earth Compounds, Rare Earth Alloys

Rare earth downstream products

Rare Earth Magnetic Materials (neodymium iron boron), Rare Earth Fluorescent Materials, Rare Earth Catalytic Materials

Our testing items

❖ Particle size

❖ Granularity

❖ Fluidity

❖ Particle size distribution

Quality assurance and control

Alfa Chemistry has established the complete product quality assurance system, regarding the quality as the development foundation of the company, relying on advanced analytical instruments and adequate analytical experience to ensure the quality of products reaches the demands of customers.

Our advantages

  • Safe and accurate powder characterization results
  • All-round, fast and convenient
  • Professional data analysis can improve the product recipe
  • Multifunctional platform, supporting many other analysis techniques
  • Visual inspection process

Our service process

The characterization of the properties of the particles of the rare earth powder helps to grasp the microscopic properties of the material. The particle analysis service of rare earth powder materials provided by Alfa Chemistry, the process includes:

  • Inquire, send samples and submit testing requirements
  • Take a sample and determine the plan
  • Complete the test and check again
  • Issue a report

The advantages of particle information analysis-rare earth metal

Alfa Chemistry can provide professional particle testing services for rare earth powder products, which helps to understand and master the microscopic properties of materials, and it is of great significance to the development of new powder materials and product quality monitoring. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.