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Particle Size Analysis

Particle Size Analysis

Particle Size Analysis

Most solid materials are composed of particles with different shapes and sizes, which have a significant impact on the structure and performance of the material. The particle size analysis test can measure the information and distribution of a given particle and plays an important role in process development and quality control of powder materials. Particle analysis test can help customers obtain high-quality products. Alfa Chemistry provides a professional testing platform for rare earth powder materials and has many particle testing technologies to solve the measurement problems and needs of customers. We have experienced experts to help customers solve powder testing problems.


Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has advanced powder testing equipment, which can adjust the test plan according to customer needs, starting from the characterization of the shape and size of the particles, the test fully reveals the particle information of the material. The particle testing service provided by Alfa Chemistry helps customers realize the industrial diagnosis and ensure the quality of products, especially, for nano-level particles, through the analysis of particles, the functional-oriented design and synthesis of materials can be achieved. Its services include but not limited to:

❖ Industrial diagnostics and quality monitoring

❖ Particle information detection (including particle size, particle diameter, particle distribution, fluidity)

❖ Design and improvement of powder synthesis scheme

 Particle Size Analysis service


The significance of particle size analysis

Different powder materials have different particles, and their physical and chemical properties may be different. Generally, the function-oriented design of materials is of great significance to the synthesis of particles of specific sizes. For particle size analysis, we usually focus on understanding the following information:

  • Catalyst-Maximum surface area
  • Industrial processing-good mobility
  • Luminescence-excitation and emission of light
  • Formulation and product development

The methods of particle size analysis

The advantages of Particle Size Analysis-rare earth metal

Our advantages

  • Simple preparation of test samples
  • Low test sample demand
  • Accurate, reliable and repeatable particle size analysis test
  • All-round, fast and convenient
  • Professional data analysis can improve the product recipe

Our service process

The light scattering test service of Alfa Chemistry can help customers analyze and master the particle information of rare earth powder materials, which plays an important role in the development of new materials, the improvement of product performance, and quality monitoring. Our test process includes

  • Send samples and submit testing requirements
  • Design plan and start experiment
  • Test completion and data analysis
  • Issue reports and suggestions for improvement

Alfa Chemistry can provide particle testing services of rare earth powder materials, reveal particle information, and help the development and improvement of new materials. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.