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Recipe Analysis

Recipe Analysis

The formulation analysis of metal materials is the analysis of qualitative or quantitative metal materials through a variety of separation methods and sophisticated instrumentation, which can provide data support for the development of new materials, formulation analysis, foreign matter analysis, and quality control. Understanding the microstructure and composition of alloy materials plays an important role in product development and quality monitoring. The alloy formula analysis can help customers identify the element signals or grades of metal materials, ensuring that the raw materials of the products meet the production requirements, assisting customers in the quality control of materials, and reducing product quality problems. Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing professional rare earth metal detection services, which provides customers with high-quality, convenient and cost-effective services.


Our Services

The content and form of the chemical composition of the metal material determine the performance and quality of the metal. In the production metallurgy, the difference in the content may cause the performance of the produced metal to vary widely. Therefore, accurate analysis of the alloy material formulation composition is important for understanding the material characteristics It plays an important role in mastering its use and developing new materials and formula optimization. Alfa Chemistry has a team with rich professional knowledge and advanced and accurate equipment, which can provide customers with efficient alloy testing services. From sample analysis to formulation optimization and secondary inspection, we will provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

❖ Alloy recipe analysis

❖ Recipe design and improvement

❖ Brand identification

❖ Test sample

❖ Quality Control

Recipe Analysis


What can we do?

We can customize testing programs according to customer needs, and select relevant test standards according to the characteristics of the samples. We can provide the following: according to the test report of the relevant industry standards, analyze the relevant performance indicators to determine the quality of the sample, and diagnose the problem and find the problem.

Our testing capabilities

Alfa Chemistry can provide professional rare earth metal materials and alloy testing services. According to industry standards, we will provide you with reliable and safe solutions around the physical, chemical, mechanical, and technological properties of materials, help customers analyze data, and improve solutions. Our test results can meet strict test standards.

Metal analysis service project

  • Qualitative and quantitative elements
  • Brand identification
  • Recommended grades

Test Equipment

Recipe Analysis

Our routine test products

  • Rare earth catalyst
  • Rare earth ferrosilicon alloy
  • Rare earth ferrosilicon
  • Rare earth magnesium alloy

Our advantages

  • Experienced professional technical team
  • Have advanced laboratory equipment
  • Accuracy and reliability of test data
  • Support formula design and modification
  • Large amount of data support

 Our inspection process

Alfa Chemistry can provide professional rare earth alloy formulation testing, can improve the program according to customer needs, and help customers achieve economical, green, and efficient production. Our testing process includes:

  • Communicate and understand customer needs
  • Sample analysis and testing
  • Data analysis and improvement
  • Issue a report

Alfa Chemistry provides professional recipe analysis services for rare earth alloy materials, which are helpful for quality control and have important significance for the research and development of new materials. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.