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Separation of Rare Earth Oxide

Separation of Rare Earth Oxide

With the rapid development of high technology, the demand for high-purity rare earths is also increasing. High-purity rare earth oxides are used as basic raw materials for functional materials such as laser crystals, optical fibers, precision optical glass, electronic materials, luminescent materials, and giant magnetostrictive materials are widely used in optical communications, medical treatment, material processing, information storage, testing, anti-counterfeiting and other fields. A series of new technologies aim to reduce the theoretical extraction volume of adjacent element separation, design and optimize the separation process extraction volume and washing volume, greatly improve product purity, reduce chemical raw material consumption, reduce waste water discharge, and establish a green and efficient separation demonstration project for high-purity rare earth oxides.


Our Services

Rare earth oxides usually coexist in the earth's crust, in order to obtain high purity rare earth oxides, it is necessary to design and optimize the purification and separation methods. Alfa Chemistry has rich experienced experts to provide fast and accurate analysis for separation and purification of rare earth oxides, and it also offers process control, product quality monitoring, failure analysis, and environmental protecting. We are committed to developing faster, cleaner, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly separation methods to obtain higher purity rare earth oxides, providing high-quality raw materials for other rare earth products. The services provided by Alfa Chemistry on the purification of rare earth oxides include but are not limited to:

❖ Personalized purification program customization

❖ Technical improvement and optimization

❖ Upgrade and improvement of testing equipment

❖ Product performance testing

❖ Compliance test

Separation of Rare Earth Oxide


What are our promises?

Our separation technology solutions can be used in the mining process of almost all rare earth minerals, raw materials and ores. We have been helping our clients to provide profit margins and optimize their processes through smart solutions.

What is the problem with traditional separation methods?

As far as the current rare earth element separation technology is concerned, it is mainly faced with the problems such as high chemical raw material consumption, large waste water discharge, and radioactive pollution in the existing extraction and separation process.

What are our advantages?

  • Reduce the theoretical extraction volume of adjacent elements separation
  • Design and optimize the separation process extraction volume and washing volume
  • Significantly improve product purity
  • Reduce chemical raw material consumption
  • Low cost and reasonable design
  • Established green and efficient separation of high purity rare earth oxides

Separation of Rare Earth Oxide

What are our progresses?

We usually dissolve rare earth concentrates with acid or alkali to obtain rare earth salts, and then extract them through hydrochloric acid system to obtain crude rare earth metal salts and metal oxides.

Separation of Rare Earth Oxide

Alfa Chemistry provides the services of separation of rare earth oxide, which aims to reduce the consumption of raw materials, improve the purity of rare earth oxides, and reduce environmental pollution. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.