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Separation and Purification

Separation of Rare Earth

Owing to unique physical and chemical characteristics, Rare earth elements play an irreplaceable role in hundreds of technologies, materials, and chemicals around the world, and they also have been widely used in industry, society, medical treatment, and the environment. All rare-earth ores contain less than 10% rare earth oxide (REO), which must be increased to about 60% before further processing. Common methods are as follows: firstly, the raw rare earth ore grounds into powder, and then separated from the other materials in rude ore through various standard processes (including magnetic, electrostatic separation, and flotation). Therefore, the separates and refines of rare earth elements and related products are essential to everyday life.


Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provides the professional separation and purification services of rare earth metal related products, including rare earth concentrates, rare earth elements, rare earth metals, and rare earth oxides et al. Alfa Chemistry offers a variety of environmentally friendly technologies, compared with traditional methods, these technology has obvious operational and capital cost advantages, and our technology has been validated on a commercial scale and works on various rare earth concentrates. Our service including but not limited to:

Separation of Rare Earth


Why need rare earth purification?

Rare earth elements play pivotal roles in the development of today's technology, which have wide application in hybrid vehicles, advanced lasers for defense systems, vibrant flat screens, LED lights, medical equipment, catalysts, and optical fibers. The purity of rare earth elements greatly affect the performance of rare earth products, and the efficient separation methods will greatly improve the quality of finished products and finished products.

Our advantage

  • Advanced equipment meets customer requirements
  • Convenient testing and low cost
  • Get reliable test results quickly
  • Support custom solution and develop the detailed experimental protocol

Our test progress

The efficient process control system always provides our customers with high quality solutions. In order to satisfy with the customer's requirements, we provide services to the rare earth separation industry with a fast turnaround time. Choose the appropriate process flow according to the type, grade characteristics, product plan, easy recovery and comprehensive utilization of non-rare earth elements, labor hygiene and environmental protection, and economic rationality. We can also provide more benefits to provide as much in-depth information about the powder as possible.

Separation of Rare Earth

Alfa Chemistry provides the services of rare earth separation, which including rare earth concentrates, rare earth elements, rare earth metals, and rare earth salts. Alfa Chemistry satisfied the requirements of customers from tests to data analysis. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.