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Trace Metals Analysis

Trace Metals Analysis

Trace Metals Analysis

Rare earth alloy is the combination of rare earth metal (mixed and single metal) or other metals and non-metal elements, and can be made into binary or multiple rare earth alloy products. Owing to the unique properties of rare earth alloy in optics, magnetism, and mechanics et al, it has a wide range of uses in various industrial sectors, for example, petroleum processing, chemical production, communication technology, and automobile industry et al. The composition and microstructure have a great influence on the performance and applicability of alloy materials. If the changes in the form and content of trace elements in rare earth alloys can be captured, it will improve the performance of metal alloys, greatly helps the quality control of products.


Our Services

The extremely small content of rare earth metals can greatly improve the performance of metal materials, and alloy materials with different content may differ in nature. Achieving trace detection and analysis of rare earth alloy materials is essential for developing new materials and optimizing existing solutions. Alfa Chemistry has a team with rich professional knowledge and advanced and accurate equipment, which can provide customers with efficient rare earth alloy testing services. From sample analysis to secondary inspection, we will provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

❖ Trace metal testing and analysis

❖ Data analysis

❖ Scheme design and improvement

❖ Quality Control

Trace Metals Analysis


Our service guarantee

We can customize test plans and procedures according to customer needs, and select relevant test standards according to the characteristics of samples. We can provide test reports of relevant industry standards, analyze relevant performance indicators to determine the quality of samples, diagnose problems and find problems , and can give corresponding measures and suggestions.

Our testing capabilities

Alfa Chemistry can provide professional rare earth metal materials and alloy testing services. According to industry standards, we will customize a test plan for you around the physical, chemical, mechanical and process characteristics of the material, which can help customers analyze data and provide feasible solutions. Our test results can meet strict test standards.

Our routine test products

  • Rare earth catalyst
  • Rare earth ferrosilicon alloy
  • Rare earth ferrosilicon
  • Rare earth magnesium alloy

Our advantages

  • Support the design and modification of detection schemes
  • Experienced professional technical team
  • Advanced laboratory equipment
  • Measure and analyze data accurately and reliably
  • One-stop testing service

Trace Metals Analysis

Our inspection process

Alfa Chemistry can provide professional rare earth alloy trace analysis testing, which can improve the program according to customer needs, helping customers achieve economical, green, and efficient production. Our testing process includes:

  • Communicate and understand customer needs
  • Sample analysis and testing
  • Data analysis and improvement
  • Issue a report

Alfa Chemistry provides measurement and analysis services for rare earth alloys, which can help customers develop new materials and improve product quality. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.