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As a globally recognized supplier of rare earth materials, we possess the expertise to offer customers an extensive range of rare earth materials along with professional testing and customization services. Our vision is high quality, high efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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Owing to the special physical and chemical properties of rare earth elements, the small addition may greatly enhance the mechanical, magnetic, optical, catalytic, and other properties of the material. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with a wide range of products containing rare earth elements.

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Alfa Chemistry provides the best analytical & testing, program customization and other services to our customers.

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What are rare earth elements?

Strictly speaking, rare earth materials are elements like others on the periodic table-such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen-with atomic numbers 57 to 71.

Are rare earth materials really rare?

In fact, rare earth materials are far more prevalent in the Earth's crust compared to many other valuable elements. The scarcest rare earth, thulium, with an atomic number of 69, is actually 125 times more abundant than gold.

What are rare earth magnets?

Rare earth magnets are permanent magnets having a composition of alloys manufactured from rare earth elements (mostly elements from lanthanide series, and alloys). There are two types of rare earth magnets, and they are neodymium magnets and samarium-cobalt magnets.

What are rare earth elements useful for?

Rare earth materials are employed in high-technology devices, such as smartphones, digital cameras, PET scanners, computer hard disks, fluorescent and LED lights, flat-screen televisions, computer monitors, and electronic displays.

Where are rare earths found?

Commercial extraction of rare earths is dominated by a small number of mineralogies, including bastnaesite, ion-adsorption clays, monazite and xenotime, which collectively account for over 95% of economic production.